Natalie’s journey

Natalie's storyA life impacted by the support offered through the YWCA Women’s Residence

Natalie, age 35, was referred to the YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin through a family friend. Identifying that she had hit a roadblock in life, needed to start focusing on making positive choices, Natalie moved into the Women’s Residence. 

“I left an abusive relationship and my addictions behind me, as I walked through the doors of the YWCA. I was welcomed by a group of women, who had been through similar situations. The Women’s Residence offered more than just a roof over my head, it offered me the opportunity to heal and feel safe. I focused making positive changes and put myself first – for the first time in many years.” 

Natalie lived at the YWCA for 10 months, during her stay there were ups and downs as expected. Natalie had the support of a Housing Support Worker along the way. When Natalie transitioned from the YWCA, she moved into her own apartment, held a full-time job, had reconnected with her family, and continued to be substance free. 

“The YWCA gave me the opportunity to start over and choose a better life. I am forever grateful that I was given this opportunity.”

Lisa’s journey

A reflection of the Housing Supports offered through the YWCA.  Struggling with generational poverty, abuse and addictions, at age 48 Lisa was referred to the YWCA St. Thomas Elgin by her continuing education teacher. Lisa was trying to make changes in an environment...

Amy’s journey

Amy now holds her head up high; with a radiant smile and looks forward to the future.

Courtney’s journey

Home is not a place… it’s a feeling

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