Women’s Day – SOLD OUT

Saturday, March 7, 2020 – SOLD OUT

Enjoy a day out with women in your community through health and wellness, arts and crafts, self-enhancement, cooking and physical fitness. This annual event takes place in March and provides you with an opportunity to try something new, enhance the skills you have or connect with others.

Cost: $45 will include your choice of 3 workshops, guest speaker presentation and lunch

Lunch: during your registration you have the opportunity to select from our menu choices and indicate if you have any dietary restrictions. Please note, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

This year’s menu will include lasagna, salad and either garlic bread or a roll. Select from vegetarian, vegetarian/ gluten free, meat, meat/gluten free or no lasagna with extra salad instead.

Event Schedule

9:30 am   Doors open & Sign-In

10 – 11:30 am   Workshop #1

Cookie Painting & Decorating

Get Uke-ified!

Daily Mindfulness Practices

Gentle Yoga Flow & Guided Meditation

Creamy Vanilla & Espresso Body Scrub

The Art of Self Compassion

Beeswax Collage with Leaves & Flowers

11:45 am    LUNCH

12:15 pm    GUEST SPEAKER Sarah Foshay, From There to Here

1 – 2:15 pm   Workshop #2

The Joy and Pleasure of Movement – It’s Called NIA

Get Uke-ified!

How to Use Cannabis for Health & Wellness

Sensational Salsa Making

Create Your Own Organic Incense Cones

Daily Mindfulness Practices

Beeswax Collage with Leaves & Flowers

2:30 – 4 pm    Workshop #3

Get Into Your Head: Create a Bobble Head Puppet with an Imaginary Journey

Zumba Divas: Be the Inner Diva & Empower You!

Introduction to Creative Writing

Drumming for Wellness

Experience Chakra Clearing & Yoga Nidra

How to Use Cannabis for Health & Wellness

Drinks & Eats, The Perfect Party Treats!

From There to Here
Guest Speaker – Sarah Foshay

Food is an important part of cultural identity. It’s a way for immigrants to preserve and express their traditions and for others to experience and appreciate their culture.
That’s the inspiration behind From There To Here: Our Family Table Cookbook, a project by The St. Thomas-Elgin Local Immigration Partnership (STELIP). The book is a culinary celebration of the community, featuring stories of St. Thomas-Elgin immigrants through their food heritage. The book will have an official unveiling at Women’s Day 2020.

“My vision of the book and the motive behind it is embracing differences, embracing newcomers and embracing traditions,” says Sarah Foshay, one of the contributors and the Women’s Day luncheon speaker, who will talk about the book and the stories it encompasses.

She was born in Canada but her family traces it’s ancestry back to late-Middle-Ages Germany, Prussia and Holland and the founding of the Mennonite Church. They eventually emigrated to Mexico and subsequently Canada. So, her traditional family cuisine is a mixture of those cultures.

Taking a global culinary journey, this cookbook will feature 12 participants from 10 different countries. It is with honouring the tradition of cooking and passing treasured recipes down from generation to generation, we also realize all that we have in common.

This cookbook truly demonstrates how we are all enriched by embracing cultural diversity when we welcome those From There to Here.

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