YWCA & STELIP to Participate in United Way’s Sleepless In Our City

YWCA & STELIP Team Needs Your Help to Fight Homelessness!

Who’s on our team?
Petrusia Hontar, Program Manager of St.Thomas Elgin Local Immigration Partnership
Michelle Mantle, Housing Coordinator/Case Manager, YWCA
Jason Stamos, Building Supervisor, YWCA
Melissa Kempf, Communications/Office Manager, YWCA

In our community, one in five kids is living in in a home that struggles to pay rent and put food on the table. The number of youth experiencing homelessness is growing and those youth are younger than ever.

Nearly 16% of St. Thomas residents live in low income households. For too many people in our community, poverty is a daily struggle. Homelessness is hurting our community, and nearly 80% of those experiencing homelessness are considered less visible. This means they sleep in barns, on couches, or in the rough.

That’s why on February 20 we are going to sleep in our car overnight. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be uncomfortable, and it’s going to help people living right in our community.

Sleeping in our car for one night is not the same as truly experiencing homelessness. It is a symbolic gesture that will help raise awareness and dollars in the fight to end poverty and homelessness in St. Thomas. As members of United Way Elgin Middlesex we are proud to participate in this event.

For us, it’s just one night. For too many people living right here in St. Thomas, it’s every night.

How can you help?

Make a pledge to YWCA Team as a Sleeper.  Click here and search ‘YWCA Team’ to make your donation today.

Your donation to fight homelessness stays 100% local, always.

Facts: Homelessness and poverty in Elgin County

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