Black Lives Matter

There Comes A Time When Silence is Betrayal.

Martin Luther King Jr.


These are stressful and soul searching times as we think about how we can be part of the solution to ending systemic racism . We have watched the heart wrenching images and been witness to the hundreds of thousands of people coming together around the world who are advocating for equality and change. Many of us have an eagerness and a need to feel like we are contributing and not just standing by watching events unfold.

As a global movement YWCAs have been advocating against inequality, poverty, economic disparity and racism throughout much of our history. We need to continue to speak up. We need to continue to reflect, promote diversity and inclusion and provide regular training to our staff in order to identify our own biases. We stand in solidarity with those around the world fighting for their rights.

We encourage all of you to listen, educate yourselves and speak up to combat racism within your own world. Have conversations, volunteer, donate – STAND UP.

We have provided some links to resources and encouragement. We urge you to seek out your own through reliable resources.

Marla Champion
Executive Director

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