What is Elgin Gleaners?
Elgin Gleaners is a program run through YWCA St.Thomas-Elgin in partnership with Southwestern Public Health during the months of June through November focused on promoting and facilitating the sharing of food resources in our community by joining volunteer gleaners (pickers) with volunteer homeowners or farms to harvest fruits and vegetables.

Gleaner on farm

How it works
Training is provided at our Orientation Night at the start of our picking season as well as several visits to a local farm for hands-on safety training and picking tips. Pick days are pre-scheduled through our Program Coordinator and volunteers are contacted to see if they are available throughout the summer and early fall for the set pick dates. You may volunteer for as many or as few as you are available for. Fruit picked is then shared equally between homeowners, volunteers and community food programs. (1/3, 1/3, 1/3 of total yield)

Must be 18+ years or older to participate.

Share your Fruit
Too much of a good thing? Do you have a fruit tree on your property that produces more fruit than you can handle? Help us put that food to good use by becoming a Homeowner/Farm connected to Elgin Gleaners. This opportunity is volunteer based, no monetary exchange, no tax receipts provided.




Interested in participating? Please complete the below survey no later than June 13, 2021.

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