St. Thomas-Elgin reaches a 10% or greater reduction in chronic homelessness

July 2022

On behalf of the Built for Zero Canada team, I want to recognize and congratulate you on the progress you have made thus far on your journey to end chronic homelessness. The first key milestone in the Reduce Cohort is to reduce 10% below your chronic homelessness baseline. St. Thomas-Elgin has reached this goal!

In September 2021, your team confirmed a baseline month of August 2021 with 75 people experiencing chronic homelessness. Communities set a baseline once they have achieved a quality By-Name List, indicating they have reliable real-time data. To achieve the 10% below baseline milestone, St. Thomas-Elgin needed to reduce the number of people experiencing chronic homelessness by at least 10%, which equates to reaching 68 or less people, and maintain this reduction for three consecutive months.

We are excited to confirm that St. Thomas-Elgin reached a 10% or greater reduction in chronic homelessness in April 2022 and sustained this reduction in May and June. In fact, based on the most recent data submission, St. Thomas-Elgin has reduced chronic homelessness by 25% below baseline!
• You reported 56 people experiencing chronic homelessness in June 2022.
• This is a reduction of 19 people or 25% percent between August 2021 and June 2022.

This is amazing!!! Your hard work and dedication to reaching functional zero for chronic homelessness is demonstrated by this truly impressive accomplishment.

St. Thomas-Elgin is a leading community, proving to others that reductions in homelessness are possible. As the 8th community to reach this milestone and as one in four currently sustaining this progress, you are supporting the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness goal of having 20 Canadian communities achieve 10% or greater reductions in chronic homelessness, as a first step to ending all homelessness in Canada.

The Built for Zero Canada team is very excited to continue to support you in reaching the next chronic homelessness reduction milestone of 50% below baseline and ultimately functional zero.

Congratulations and thank you for all your amazing work!

Marie Morrison, Director, Built for Zero Canada

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