St.Thomas-Elgin 8th Community on Veterans Quality By-Names List

September 12, 2022

On behalf of the Built for Zero Canada team, I want to recognize and congratulate you on the progress you have made thus far on your journey to end veteran homelessness! The first key milestone communities work to achieve is a Veteran-Quality By-Name List. St. Thomas-Elgin has reached this goal!

To achieve a Veteran-Quality By-Name List, communities must confirm a score of 10/10 on the By-Name List Scorecard, confirm completion of the Provider Participation Tool, submit three consecutive months of reliable veteran By-Name List data, and set a baseline month.
• In August 2022, St. Thomas-Elgin self-assessed 10/10 on the By-Name List Scorecard after which both the score and Provider Participation tool were confirmed.
• Based on your most recent data submissions (June – August 2022), St. Thomas-Elgin has 3 consecutive months of reliable veteran By-Name List data.
• You have set your baseline as of Aug 2022. During that month you reported a total number of 1 veteran actively experiencing homelessness in your community.

St. Thomas-Elgin has met all the requirements for a Veteran-Quality By-Name List. This is amazing!!! Having a quality By-Name List means that your community now has the reliable real-time data necessary to inform improvement projects, monitor trends and progress to functional zero, optimize your Coordinated Access system, and advocate for resources based on concrete data.

St. Thomas-Elgin is a leading community, proving to others that achieving a Veteran-Quality By-Name List is possible. As the 8th community to reach this milestone, you are supporting the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness goal of having 12 communities achieve a Veteran Quality By-Name List by March 2023 in the journey to end veteran homelessness (as one of the first steps to ending all homelessness in Canada).

St. Thomas-Elgin is now moving into the Veteran Reduce Cohort! The Built for Zero Canada team is very excited to continue to support your work to reduce veteran homelessness and reach your functional zero goal!

Congratulations and thank you for all your amazing work!

Marie Morrison, Director, Built for Zero Canada

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