Equity & Diversity: Beyond the Box Mural Project

We are pleased to announce the winning design of our Beyond the Box Mural Project has been provided by local artist Ann-Marie Cheung.

“A Brighter Future” is vibrant, diverse and an imaginative design that will certainly add to the beauty of 16 Mary Street. Follow our socials this March for updates regarding the installation of this amazing design. 

Thank you to our sponsors for making this project possible, for their encouragement of the arts in our community and allowing the opportunity for participants to think beyond the box.

A message from the artist, Ann-Marie Cheung: 

“This artwork is a celebration of the vibrant diversity of women captured in swirling patterns of colour. It is about looking forward to a bright future after all our struggles, hardships and heart breaks. Being a single parent who has survived an abusive relationship I can strongly identify with this. This painting speaks about overcoming and rising above to create a better, brilliant future for ourselves and our children. I am a professional artist who has been living in St Thomas for the past 16 years.”

Mural design by Ann-Marie Cheung

Funded in part by the McGregor Morris Fund 

Elgin St.Thomas Community Foundation

Sponsored by

Railway City Tourism

To commemorate Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, YWCA St.Thomas-Elgin will be installing an outdoor wrap mural in front of our main office at 16 Mary Street. This location is not only a significant building to the hundreds of women, men and youth who have received services through our programing over the years but it has also remained a women’s residence since 1928 when it was originally built.

YWCA has adapted, pivoted and listened to what would serve our community best through a diverse portfolio. We believe that we think outside the box (beyond the box) to meet challenges and changing community needs. We advocate for equity, ending violence against women and lobby for affordable housing for women and gender diverse peoples.

Project Objectives:

  • Support & celebrate local artists (must live or work in Elgin County)
  • Commemorate Women’s Day with the installation of the wrap mural
  • Honour the programs and services of YWCA related to women,
    equity and diversity
  • Add to the rich collection of outdoor murals now showcased
    throughout the city

YWCA St.Thomas-Elgin is seeking designs to be considered which will add to the visual landscape of their main office located at 16 Mary Street West. The winning design will be reproduced on all sides of the Bell transformer box at the front of the building.

Winning artist will keep their original work. Winning design and top 3 runners up will have the opportunity to display their work during our 2023 annual Women’s Day Conference.

Winning artist will receive:

  • $500 honorarium
  • 2 tickets to our Women’s Day Conference on March 4, 2023
  • the legacy of having their design on public display for years to come


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