Our advocacy efforts span both locally and nationally through combined initiatives with YWCA members across Canada. Two main branches that we focus on include Global Interdependence and Difference and Diversity through equality. 

Global Interdependence

We strive to support the world-wide struggle for equity and equality interconnects all women.

Difference and Diversity

We believe in order to achieve social and other forms of justice, we must embrace difference and diversity among peoples.

100+ Organizations Sign Open Letter Calling for a Provincial Declaration of Intimate Partner Violence & Gender-based Violence as an Epidemic

December 6, 2023 –  In a letter shared to Premier Doug Ford…”Today, on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, your government has the opportunity to acknowledge the severity of IPV, and commit to taking action to prevent further violence, including femicide, by declaring gender-based violence and intimate partner violence for what they are: an epidemic. Femicide, the killing of women, children, trans women, 2-Spirit People and gender diverse people, is most commonly perpetrated by current or former intimate partners (31%). In the past year, there have been 62 recorded femicides in Ontario. That is 62 people whose lives were taken by violence. One femicide is too many. 62 femicides is an epidemic.”

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Week Without Violence

October 16, 2023 – During the third week of October, YWCAs observe the Week Without Violence to envision and advocate for a violence-free world. This year, join us in creating a movement to end gender-based violence in every space where it occurs. We know that there is a deep connection between online and offline hate speech and violence against women, girls and gender diverse people in all their diversity.

We all have the right to be our truest selves, to explore and express ourselves safely and free from violence, whether in digital spaces or in our neighbourhoods.

Together, we are standing in solidarity with survivors of technology facilitated and gender-based violence and taking action to end violence on our screens and on our streets!

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YWCA Metro Vancouver & partners raise awareness for IPV related concussions

May 16, 2023 – When people think of concussion, they think sports. But intimate partner violence (IPV) is the cause of at least 290,000 concussions among women and girls in Canada each year. That’s more than 7,000 for every 1 NHL concussion. 

Former Olympian and NHL player, Trevor Linden is helping bring attention to this staggering statistic as we call for increased research, better pathways for concussion treatment and more support for people who have experienced traumatic brain
injury as a result of intimate partner violence.

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YWCA Ontario’s Reflections on the Canada-Wide Early Learning Child Care 2024 Child Care Funding Formula Discussion Paper

May 5, 2023 – (To Holly Moran, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education)

As a provincial coalition representing 10 YWCAs, which collectively operate more than 3,000 child care spaces in Ontario, the rollout of the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) plan will significantly impact our organizations and the people we serve.

We appreciate this opportunity to provide input on the province’s rollout plan of CWELCC in 2024 as laid out in the CWELCC Funding Formula Discussion Paper, particularly because we share a number of concerns with the province’s proposed plans, not least of which is the lack of clarity in the discussion paper in terms of real numbers, as well as the omission of critical considerations related to the administrative burden for operators, building in sustainability and providing culturally-responsive care.

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YWCA Ontario Coalition Responds to 2023 Provincial Budget

March 2023 – One of the two themes of this year’s provincial budget, tabled by Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy on March 23, was “Working For You.”  However, YWCA Ontario, a coalition of 10 YWCAs across the province, remains unclear about who the budget is actually working for – because unfortunately, it is not for women, girls and gender-diverse people. 

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YWCA Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

Feb 2023 – YWCA Ontario is a provincial coalition of YWCA Member Associations that serves more than 40,000 people each year across Ontario. We offer a range of programs focusing on housing, employment, child care, and gender-based violence, as well as services designed to address the needs of women, girls and gender diverse people and their families. We also work to advance substantive gender and racial equity in our province.

Read full letter to the Honourable Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance

The Child Care Sector is in Crisis and You Can Fix it

Nov 2022 – As experts in providing high quality nonprofit child care, YWCA Ontario would welcome the opportunity to discuss the future of child care, including in an official advisory capacity. We are hopeful that together, we can create a child care system that prioritizes decent work and a fiscally responsible funding model.

Read full letter to Premier Ford and Minister Lecce

A Place Called Home

Completed in May 2022, this report outlines the research regarding family homelessness, current resources, and activities as well as evidence-informed recommendations to enhance family-centred approaches to preventing and reducing family homelessness in St. Thomas-Elgin. Presented by the Women & Family Housing Stability Advisory Group.

Read full report, A Place Called Home

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